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08 Feb'12
Second Country Report on the implementation of COE’s Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities
20 Dec'11
President of Georgia Congratulates Jewish People on Hanukkah
05 Jan'11
President Saakashvili on Historic Friendship Between Georgians and Armenians
25 Dec'10
Saakashvili visits Catholic Church and Thanks Vatican for the Steadfast Support to Georgia's Territorial Integrity
16 Nov'10
Council of National Minorities under the Auspices of the Public Defender of Georgia awards UNAG for its contributions to the development of the culture of tolerance
21 Jun'10
Talk-show Our Yard
18 Jun'10
Ecological Threat to the River Mashavera
17 Jun'10
Talks on Diversity
14 Jun'10
Talk-show Our Yard
10 Jun'10
Talks on Diversity
07 Jun'10
ICG Report on Tskhinvali`s Dependence on Russia
03 Jun'10
Talks on Diversity
01 Jun'10
20 May'10
Intergovernmental Commission workshop
20 May'10
Talks on Diversity
12 May'10
Joint Workshop
10 May'10
Talk-show Our Yard
06 May'10
Talks on Diversity
03 May'10
Talk-show Our Yard
01 May'10
A memorandum between the Public Defender the Council of National Minorities at the Public Defender’s Office and the Ministry of Culture Monument Protection and Sports
29 Apr'10
Talks on Diversity
26 Apr'10
Talk-show Our Yard
22 Apr'10
Talks on Diversity
15 Apr'10
Talks on Diversity
14 Apr'10
A meeting with the Chairman of the CEC
13 Apr'10
5th Authors and Experts Workshop in Akhaltsikhe
13 Apr'10
Teacher-Training Seminar in Akhaltsikhe
12 Apr'10
Talk-show Our Yard
11 Apr'10
Day of Mourning in Georgia over Kczynski's Death
10 Apr'10
Saakashvili: ‘Kaczynski Played Amazing Role in Fight for Georgia’s freedom’
10 Apr'10
Georgia Expresses Condolences over Kaczynski’s Death
08 Apr'10
Talks on Diversity
01 Apr'10
Intergovernmental Commission workshop
01 Apr'10
Talks on Diversity
30 Mar'10
Seminar for students “Integration and Tolerance”
29 Mar'10
Talk-show Our Yard
25 Mar'10
Schoolchildren from provincial towns visit President`s Palace
22 Mar'10
Talk-show Our Yard
20 Mar'10
A meeting with the Deputy State Minister for Reintegration
16 Mar'10
New Paper from BTKK - Policy Research Group
12 Mar'10
A working meeting on the coverage of issues related to ethnic and religious minorities
10 Mar'10
New short documentaries
09 Mar'10
Talk-show Our Yard
09 Mar'10
Meeting on the new education policy initiatives
01 Mar'10
Talk-show Our Yard
25 Feb'10
“Higher Education for Successful Future”
25 Feb'10
A meeting with the Director-General of the Public Broadcaster
23 Feb'10
GPB to air National Moambe as of March 1
21 Feb'10
Talk-show Our Yard
20 Feb'10
History teachers study problem of tolerance in education
07 Feb'10
Talk-show Our Yard
04 Feb'10
A memorandum of cooperation between the Council of National Minorities at the Public Defender’s Office and the Ministry of Internal Affairs
30 Jan'10
Intergovernmental Commission workshop
29 Jan'10
A memorandum of cooperation between the Council of National Minorities at the Public Defender’s Office and the Ministry of Justice
27 Jan'10
Meeting at Literature café
17 Jan'10
Talk-show Our Yard
16 Jan'10
Fourth Project Team Workshop on EUROCLIO/MATRA project
10 Jan'10
Talk-show Our Yard
30 Dec'09
Annual Report on the Implementation of the Action Plan for Tolerance and Civic Integration at the Governmental session
27 Dec'09
Talk-show Our Yard
21 Dec'09
Talk-show Our Yard
18 Dec'09
Conference “Culture Dialogue for Promoting the Civil Consciousness in Black Sea Region
15 Dec'09
A memorandum of cooperation between the Council of National Minorities at the Public Defender’s Office and the Office of the State Minister for Reintegration
14 Dec'09
Talk-show Our Yard
11 Dec'09
Human Rights Day
09 Dec'09
Photo-exhibition “Ukrainians in Borjomi and Samtskhe-Javakheti”
07 Dec'09
Training for Multilingual Public School Directors
06 Dec'09
Talk-show Our Yard
30 Nov'09
150th Birth Anniversary of National Poet of Ossetian People Kosta Khetagurov was Celebrated in Areshperani Public School, Lagodekhi District
26 Nov'09
Conference "Multilingual Education in Georgia"
18 Nov'09
Talk-Show Italian Yard
17 Nov'09
Public Defender hosted the event dedicated to the International Day for Tolerance
17 Nov'09
David Bakradze: “Tradition of Tolerance is a Part of Our National Identity”
15 Nov'09
Study Tour for Kvemo Kartli and Samtskhe-Javakheti Youth in Tbilisi
15 Nov'09
International Tolerance Day
14 Nov'09
Conference at Georgian Ombudsman’s Office
13 Nov'09
Group of Members of Parliament Met with Youth Group of Civil Education Centers
10 Nov'09
Presentation of the Social Concept of the Council of Religions
09 Nov'09
03 Nov'09
Presentation of the first grant competition of the Civil Institutionalizm Development Fund
03 Nov'09
EUROCLIO Project in Georgia, Third Workshop in Telavi: a Successful Move Forward
28 Oct'09
13 Oct'09
CoE Report on National Minorities in Georgia
12 Oct'09
Simplified Rules for Would-Be-Students from Ethnic Minority Groups
23 Sep'09
ECMI new publications
23 Sep'09
Training/seminar on FCNM Implementation Procedures in Georgia
13 Aug'09
Talk-Show Italian Yard Summer schedule
06 Aug'09
Another Georgia
27 Jul'09
Talk-show Italian Yard
21 Jul'09
Grant Competition: National Integration and Tolerance in Georgia Program
20 Jul'09
Talk-show Italian Yard
20 Jul'09
EUROCLIO Newsletter
13 Jul'09
Talk-show Italian Yard
06 Jul'09
Talk-show Italian Yard
28 Jun'09
Intergovernmental Commission workshop
28 Jun'09
Quiz/competition of the Tolernace Center for high school students: “Ethnics and Religions in Georgia”
28 Jun'09
Conference on intercultural and interreligious education
22 Jun'09
Quiz/competition of the Tolernace Center for high school students: “Ethnics and Religions in Georgia”
22 Jun'09
Talk-show Italian Yard
18 Jun'09
Conference of the Administration of the President of Georgia in Gudauri
18 Jun'09
Seminar of Euroclio-GAHE's project
15 Jun'09
Talk-show Italian Yard
08 Jun'09
Talk-show Italian Yard
04 Jun'09
Radio program “Ethnic Minorities in Georgia”
31 May'09
Talk-show Italian Yard
27 May'09
State Minister for Reintegration arrives in Marneuli
25 May'09
Talk-show Italian Yard
18 May'09
Talk-show Italian Yard
12 May'09
Enhancing Capacity of Ethnic Civil Society Groups to Actively Participate in Pubic Policy Debate Program
11 May'09
Talk-show Italian Yard
08 May'09
Government adopted the National Concept and Action Plan for Tolerance and Civic Integration
04 May'09
Talk-show Italian Yard
25 Apr'09
New book on the ethnic minorities
21 Apr'09
Talk-show Italian Yard
16 Apr'09
A round table meeting on the religious diversity in the region of Kvemo Kartli
13 Apr'09
Talk-show Italian Yard
08 Apr'09
Documentary series on regional TVs
06 Apr'09
Ethnic minorities of Georgia create a political alliance
01 Apr'09
News on Talk-show Italian Yard
22 Mar'09
Mission in Imerety Region
22 Mar'09
Talk-show Italian Yard
19 Mar'09
Role of Woman in the Ethnic Traditions
08 Mar'09
Talk-show Italian Yard
07 Mar'09
Youth Center of the Ethnic Minorities Council was established
01 Mar'09
Talk-show Italian Yard
26 Feb'09
Latvian scientist Robert Kuptsis’s memorial board opening ceremony
23 Feb'09
Talk-show Italian Yard
16 Feb'09
Talk-show Italian Yard
09 Feb'09
Talk-show Italian Yard
01 Feb'09
Talk-Show Italian Yard
25 Jan'09
Talk-Show Italian Yard
05 Jan'09
New research on the Ethnic Minorities
23 Dec'08
Meeting with the President of Georgia
20 Dec'08
Tolerance Center Presentation
28 Nov'08
BTKK - Policy Research Group New Publication
15 Nov'08
Award Ceremony at the Public Defender's Office
14 Nov'08
Meeting at the Parliament of Georgia
13 Nov'08
International Tolerance Day Exhibition
13 Nov'08
''Caucasus House'' Will Host the Interethnic Festival 2008 : ''Diversity is our Wealth''
07 Nov'08
''Junior Eurovision'' Concert in Gori
02 Nov'08
Interethnic Festival 2008 : ''Diversity is our Wealth'' Will Host Civic Integration and Tolerance Council Session
28 Oct'08
Interethnic Festival 2008 : ''Diversity is our Wealth'' in Kvemo Kartli Region
22 Oct'08
Interethnic Festival 2008 : ''Diversity Is Our Wealth'' Will be Launched in Samtskhe-Javakheti Region
21 Jul'08
Community Connections Program Participants Will Visit the USA
17 Jul'08
Civic Integration and Tolerance Council holds another open discussion of draft Strategic Vision of National Integration and Tolerance in Georgia in Marneuli
27 Jun'08
Ombudsman and President’s Council Agree to Cooperate on Ethnic Minority Rights
17 Jun'08
NITG supports the Ministry of Education and Science initiative in Kvemo Kartli and Samtskhe Javakheti regions
03 Jun'08
Educational Documentary Series
30 Apr'08
Eurasia Partnership Foundation and United Nations Association of Georgia Call for Proposals
10 Jan'08
UNAG assistance to CEC for Extraordinary Presidential Elections and Plebiscites of January 5, 2008
04 Jan'08
Stronger Communities Initiative
03 Dec'07
NITG awarded the short film “Patsani” on International Film Festival for Youth and Amateurs ”Sunrise in Tbilisi”
01 Nov'07
UNAG with USAID and Georgian Public Broadcaster, held the presentation of documentary film
20 Jul'07
Assessment Survey Report of Integration and Tolerance Status Quo in Georgia Presentation
15 Feb'07
Training on moderating weekly TV Talk Show of the NITG
05 Feb'07
Training for Georgian Public Broadcasting team
01 Feb'07
Small Grants Program Competition

Advisory committee on the framework convention for the protection of national minorities Opinion on Georgia, Adopted on 19 March 2009

Comments of the Government of Georgia on the First Opinion of the Advisory Committee on the Implementation of the Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities in Georgia
First State Report for the Protection of National Minorities

National Concept for Tolerance and Civic Integration

Minority Map
See information about ethnic minorities in Georgia by regions
Minority Calendar
16 Dec - Eîda Êzîd - Yazidi
19 Dec - St. Nicholas Day - Orthodox
20 Dec - Hanukkah - Jewish
24 Dec - Christmas Eve - Catholic
25 Dec - Christmas - Catholic

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